Inspired by creating something beautiful out of something rigid, rough, and messy. 

We create fine jewelry, accessories, and home decor from the building material, cement concrete. 

Founder/Designer Dorothy of Doty Chou Objects is an experienced interior and object designer. 

Dorothy Chou, an interior designer based in New York City has worked in the high end interior design industry for more than 6 years. Heavily present in front of the building material for work purposes, there she had a keen eye for detail and a curiosity that sparked her imagination. 

Dorothy picked up some concrete and started to create. What she created is what you see today. All by playing with the building material, concrete, she was able to create something beautiful, classic, and unique for you to show off and be a part of your everyday use.



Each piece is made with you in mind. You are a classy, modern, timeless woman. 

And also, unique, just like our handmade pieces. 

Doty Chou Objects is a lifestyle brand featuring handmade jewelry, accessories, and home decor.

These lifestyle pieces are an expansion and expression of who you are and everyone who you come across will see those qualities when you wear Doty Chou Objects.

We hope Dorothy’s work inspires you, and that the objects made bring you joy, elevate your confidence, and bring comfort in your everyday life. 


Our mission:

Our mission is to inspire you, bring you joy, elevate your confidence, and bring comfort in your everyday life with our one of a kind objects.