Care & Maintenance

Each piece is carefully handmade, sanded and sealed.

Concrete & Cement

Concrete and Cement will patina over time, becoming darker from oils on the skin. These are unavoidable traces of wear, which makes the jewelry uniquely yours.

Air bubbles, minor imperfections and slight color differences are typical for concrete. Because it’s handmade, every piece is unique and slightly different. Air bubbles and gold leafs might be at different spots from piece to piece, which makes the jewelry beautifully unique.

14K Gold Fill Maintenance

After each wear, gently remove makeup and oils from your skin by wiping with a soft cloth, like a flannel or lens cloth. If you know you've been sweating that day or the piece might have product on it (especially sunscreen), it would be great to give it a minute rinse in lukewarm water with mild dish soap, then using an ultrasoft toothbrush scrub your object. Make sure to really get into the object where the dirt and product like to build up. Rinse your Doty Chou Object in lukewarm water a few times to make sure all the soap is off, then dry it with a soft cloth. Also, taking your jewelry off before sleep will do a great deal to help it last longer.